A compulation of stories and tales from ranchers committed to sustainable agriculture

The Angus Stud Pen

We take great pride in using some of the best Angus Genetics in the world to produce Heritage Angus beef. Our bulls come from genetics that has been specially selected to minimize the amount of days that cattle have to be fed a finishing ration. We started using semen and artificially inseminated our cows from line bred Angus genetics from New Zealand five years ago. Over the years we have also done a lot of embryo transplant work to accelerate the changes needed to make our herd even more sustainable. Sustainable from the standpoint that these cattle can easily fatten on a straight forage diet… as the world becomes more crowded and resources become scarcer ranching will evolve back to utilizing more forages and pastures to fatten cattle rather than relying on the grains which have fattened our beef cattle for the past 40 plus years. We like to think of our ranch as being a leader in sustainability and these boys are going to lead the change in the genetics of many beef herds in Canada. Our partner ranch in New Zealand is the Pinebank Herd http://www.pinebank.co.nz/ run by owners Willie and Angela Fallon.


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  1. Hans & Marianne

    Congratulations on this beautiful, beautiful website
    Incredible pictures of your paradise.
    You can count your blessings every day !
    Best Wishes and Success all the way

    May 3, 2011 at 6:54 pm

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