A compulation of stories and tales from ranchers committed to sustainable agriculture

Lukas Baler Man

I love what grass agriculture is all about…relying on solar energy, water and soils to create the feed for the solar powered forage bio-digestiors, also known as our cows. Grazing is our number one priority however, there comes a time in the year when there is too much grass to manage with the cattle and then its time for our John Deere to come out of the shed. Besides managing the grass we also need some feed for the long winter when the snow gets too deep and the grass is tough to graze. I don’t particularity enjoy haying…. it takes a lot of time, costs money and then there are the breakdowns and the weather stress to get her all baled up before it rains. Lukas was the designated baler man and Eli the cutter girl….. Together they cut and baled  650 acres and made over 1500 bales. We finished baling the 22nd of August and the next day the machinery was put into hibernation for another year and drank a couple of bottles of wine that night.



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