A compulation of stories and tales from ranchers committed to sustainable agriculture

The Modern Cowboy – Swiss Style

We have interns that work on our ranch every year and this year our survivalists are Eli and Lukas. All the students come from farm backgrounds, however farming and running cattle in Swizterland is a little different than what happens here on the ranch. Erika and I  joke that they will get to calve more cows in one season here than they will for the rest of their lives back in the home country. Usually calving is quite uneventful… the cow calves looks after the calf like a grizzly bear and you have nothing to do with them except move them to fresh pasture on a regular basis…. however every once in a while there are exceptions and you have to get involved. In this video you will get a chance to see the modern day cowboy arrive to the pasture on a quad to milk a cow, so that we could nurse a weak calf with that first drink of milk which so important for the survival and immunity of the calf.  A Highland cow is great for the fact that the horns work as a good place to put a rope and tie her to a tree. This was Luka’s first experience at wild cow milking and thanks to Dominik’s (a one month intern)  video camera we have a great video in Swiss German for you to enjoy. No animal was hurt filming this video.


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