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The Cowboy in Zurich checkin out the burgers

Well I landed in Switzerland Monday morning and the cowboy has hit the ground running….. I had to leave the horse at home!! I am in Europe for 2 weeks to market the fruits of our rancher’s labor, “Heritage Angus Beef”. We have been exporting our beef to the finest restaurants and butcher shops in Switzerland for 3 years now. It is a great feeling knowing that one of the goals (selling into Europe) I set for ourselves 5 years ago has now become a reality…We have some great partners over here that are proud to serve our beef and to “be part of something good”. Our distributor in Zurich is Metzgeri Angst and their team have done a wonderful job distributing our product and growing the number of users of Heritage Angus beef. Our newest customer is the first Gourmet Burger place in Zurich “Helvti Diner” and by chance the grand opening was last night. Here is a little clip from the Cowboy on the streets of Zurich and a sampling of what our burgers look like Swiss Style…. Instead of asking if you would like Swiss cheese on your burger they ask do you want Heritage Angus on your burger!!!

Check out the Video and the picture of burger

The Helvti Heritage Angus Burger


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