A compulation of stories and tales from ranchers committed to sustainable agriculture

Fall Cattle Drives

Well its that time of the year, when we start to bring cattle home from our grazing lease and outlying pastures….In some circumstances its to wean the calves and in others just to pull the bulls after the conclusion of the breeding season, to move the cows to new pasture and to booster vaccinate the calves. Depending on the distance and the area we have to drive cattle through, we may do it ourselves with our ranch crew and kids or we may call in the troops so to speak…. Yesterday we called in the help of the cowboys from the Birch Hills Hutterite Colony south of Wahnam, Alberta.  The drive went well, as we had the cattle ready to go in the corner of the lease in advance and once we got the herd stretched out we snaked our may to new pasture 6.5 km down the road.  Tomorrow we will move them another 5 km and then they will stay on the pastures till mid December. The calves fro our mature cows will stay on the cows till the start of March  – we have ample grass, and hay, so thought we would try something different rather than wean the calves in December like we have in past years due to drought.  here a a couple of videos from yesterday….It was cold , however when you have crews organized the show must go on.


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