A compulation of stories and tales from ranchers committed to sustainable agriculture

Blowin the Lines

Water is one of our most precious resources and when you have a ranch you are very dependent on it to grow your grass but also to water your livestock. On our ranch we have completed numerous wetland restoration projects… in fact over 120… These wetlands are not only a windfall for the wildlife but also serve as backup reserves for our herds and help to grow a lot more grass if we have a drought. From these wetlands we use various techniques to water our cattle including solar water pumping and gravity flow systems. These all work well but nothing beats our pressurized water lines that feed all our pastures from the home base. In a nutshell we have running water like your house in our pastures… as far as 4 miles from the source!  This all works well until winter starts to set in the lines start to freeze where the lines come out of the ground. So every fall we must blow out the lines so that the lines don’t crack and most of all so we don’t have to wait till June for the lines to defrost and tart working again…. This year we got it just right… the day we blew he lines it was 6 degrees in the morning the next day it was minus 20.


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