A compulation of stories and tales from ranchers committed to sustainable agriculture

Murder on the Ranch!

One of the things that I love the most about ranching is working and living with nature…. everyday there are things to discover and see as we go about our days raising and looking after cattle. From spring migrations to watching mating rituals of ducks to seeing moose calves born in our pastures along side the cows.  Having this abundance of wildlife also means we have an abundance of predators…. While we are always conscious about the predators ( Bears, Wolves, Coyotes and Cougars) they are not usually a problem. However every once in a while something does happen. Two years ago we lost a calf to wolves and this was the first time that this had ever happened….then everything stayed quite except for a few pesky coyotes… Last week while we were gone to our producer retreat our intern Eli woke up to find all the fresh weaned calves had been scattered through several fences during the night and when she came over the hill found a chewed up dead calf…We immediately called our fish and wildlife officers and began the CSI investigation… When Eli called I thought wolves, but upon closer investigation and skinning of the dead calves it became apparent that it looked like a cougar is in our midst. Cougars don’t normally go after calves but then again they have not been taught to read the text books either…. The investigation goes on and we hope to conclude thsi affair…. as far as getting the culprit, unless it happens again we will let him/ her be


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