A compulation of stories and tales from ranchers committed to sustainable agriculture

It Was Wolves

After an extensive investigation and a good heap of evidence it was established by our Fish and Wildlife officers that the murder was committed by a pack of young wolves. This is not the first time that we have had wolves attack livestock on our ranch. Two years ago in June we lost a 3 month old calf and 2 years previous to this Erika was witness to 2 wolves tearing down a mule deer right in front of our house! How do we feel about this?…. Well I say shit happens and as long as it does not become a monthly occurrence we can live with it. We will be compensated for this kill and hope that it will be the last one for at least another 2 years. If it happens again then we will have to revert to either trapping, snaring or shooting them if we were lucky enough to see them. In other parts of Canada wolves are becoming more prevalent and the picture below comes from a wolf that was trapped at Risky Creek ranching west of Williams Lake B.C. Looking at his size you could imagine that he had a good appetite for Angus beef. Needless to say knowing we have wolves on our ranch tells us that we have good wildlife habitat and that’s a great feeling knowing that we have bio diverse lands.


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