A compulation of stories and tales from ranchers committed to sustainable agriculture

Live from London

I am starting to sound like a Willie Nelson song….. On the Road Again.  I left on the 12th of November and I am on a 2 week marketing trip to see importers, distributors and end users of our beef in Europe. Stopping countries include; Denmark, Germany, England, France, Switzerland and Italy. While I was just over here a month ago I had to come back to follow up with leads gained during the ANUGA food show and to line up our shipments for the coming year. It is a hectic pace, however not near as hectic as for Erika on the ranch.  All was fine and well when I left but we got a snow storm this past week and not only do we have 30 cm of fresh snow we now also have night time temperatures of minus 30!!!! Its times like this I really hate being gone… it’s a huge responsibility for Erika to look after… not only does she have 4 kids but 500 plus cows and as many calves and yearlings to look after. Needless to say the last week will go by quick and in the end all will work out fine. In the meantime I have to focus on the task at hand and that is to sell more beef and meet all our customers that are proud to be…. “part of something good”


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