A compulation of stories and tales from ranchers committed to sustainable agriculture

Family Fall Processing

When Erika and I started ranching it was Erika, I and the dog…working cattle was a chore and took some time because it was just the two of us. Then came the 1st child Pasco and it tool more time because now one of use had to where a back pack with a baby in it and work cattle…. then came the next and then another and another…..It seemed every time when we worked cattle it took a little longer getting the cattle processed …. however finally we have hit the tipping point…. and now our kids are becoming our crew. They are helping out in a big way and we are getting quicker and more efficient at getting cattle processed. Its a lot of fun working as a family and hopefully what they learn by helping us will instill some good work ethics later in their life….if we are lucky maybe even one or two new ranchers.


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