A compulation of stories and tales from ranchers committed to sustainable agriculture

The Turkey Ranch

We are proud on know that on our ranch we have well over 130 different bird species that frequent, live or pass through our pastures and forests. Everything from common chickadees to ravens to owls, ducks, geese, falcons and eagles…. Till now however wild turkeys were not part of the mix….. well that is until last week. A friend of ours who does all our bale hauling usually takes the in winter off to hang out in Mexico and said he had a problem.  The problem it was were a flock of turkeys that moved into his yard and that had made themselves at home… they had become his pets and now he felt guilty that by him leaving for Mexico they might be frozen and starved turkeys if they were left alone in the Peace Country Winter…. So last week Erika and the kids went on a Turkey trapping expedition… needless to say they were successful and now they are a part of the Spirit View ranch scenery… very entertaining to say the least and we can safely say that they have adjusted well to the move.


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