A compulation of stories and tales from ranchers committed to sustainable agriculture

Fix the Fence

Life on the ranch is pretty busy for most ranchers. Most work the equivalent of 14 months in a 12 month year …especially in the summer when it seems there is no shortage of daylight hours to burn… needless to say taking a holiday in the summer is often a difficult thing to do. In winter things slow down quite a bit and besides making sure the animals are well fed and cared for there is not as much to do… the only problem is trying to go camping with the kids is a bit tough when it is minus 20.  This year Erika and I have been married 10 years and so as celebration and as a way to get in some quality family time we took a winter vacation to Costa Rica. The kids had a 2 week break and the beef program goes into a bit of hibernation as we packed our bags an headed south. Yes we spent time on the beach, in the jungles and we saw a lot of country… however as any other rancher would do we also saw a lot of cows and saw another perspective of agriculture. Below is a clip of one of those adventures. It was long deserved and I certainly enjoyed all the one on one time we had together as a family….



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