A compulation of stories and tales from ranchers committed to sustainable agriculture

How Cows and Calves Survive Winter

I get asked all the time how do our cows survive the Winter? Are they in barns, Do they get special feed, Are they cold? All sorts of curious questions…. yes there is many a day where it can get below minus 40… however this year that has been a rarity and we have had a very mild winter. Needless to say the cows and calves are fat and sassy! Our cows lick snow for water and because of the digestive system and the extra heat that it creates the cows do not need to burn extra calories in order to melt the snow.  We try and graze as late as possible to minimize the need for machinery and diesel fuel….hence the name “Solar Powered Forage Biodigestors”. Once we finish grazing the standing forages the cows bale graze… literally the bales that were made by Lukas in August are devoured by the cows like piranhas in the Amazon…. whats left behind is fertilizer for next years grass… Its an amazingly simple system but sometimes simple seems complicated for the human mind…. Sort of like why Heritage Angus Beef is so good…. because we keep it simple and down to basics, the way mother nature intended. No they do not stay warm by dancing to Lady Gaga!!!!


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