A compulation of stories and tales from ranchers committed to sustainable agriculture

Erika Weder – “Bull Fashion Photographer”

Not only do we raise commercial cattle on our ranch that become beef for Heritage Angus we also raise cattle that become the dads of the cattle that become beef in other ranches. Erika and I have purebred Aberdeen Angus, along with our commercial Angus cows, Highland Cows and the Herd of Longhorns.  Raising purebred cattle is very intensive work from a standpoint of keeping all the records of the cattle, who bred who and who will breed who the next year to get the perfect mating. It is enjoyable seeing the great cattle we produce over the years and to know their genetic history and what mating’s created what. Our bulls are sold across Canada and into the United States and because we live in Alberta’s Outback its difficult for many ranchers just to drop by and select their bulls. It is why we love the internet and so its amazing what we can do with a good digital camera and camcorder. As easy as it is to load it still takes a pile of time to take the perfect shot….Erika has a lot of patience and has gotten very good at the art of taking cattle shots … last week was cold and so today the weather was just right… we loaded the crew and headed out to the bull pasture and had fun doing our “Angus Fashion Shoot”


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