A compulation of stories and tales from ranchers committed to sustainable agriculture

Swiss Ranching

Most ranchers have many hats to wear…. add in a branded beef program and you have one more as, “beef marketer”. I spend a lot of time on the road visiting with customers and end users of Heritage Angus Beef. It is a part of the job that I love and sometimes hate. Love because I get to spend time meeting with innovative and out of the box thinkers that use Heritage Angus beef and I get to tell our story and hear how much they appreciate the products that our ranchers produce. … hate because I am away from my family and I will miss things that may only happen once in a lifetime and they have to deal with looking after the ranch and all the things that can go wrong when I am away. That said when I am on the road I try to stay as busy as I can, so that the trip goes by quick and to keep things interesting. Right now I am on a 10 day marketing trip to Switzerland and Italy. Its the last blitz before spring and when things get busy back home on the ranch. While here I was asked to speak at to the Swiss Angus Producers forum.  It happens to be at one of the largest agriculture shows in Switzerland and so I got to see “Ranching Swiss Style”… a little different than back home to say the least. After the show the Swiss Angus Breeders took me out on the town to show me Swiss Mardi Gras…”Fastnacht”… needless to say I was a little more cultured after the day was over and I was glad to be a rancher that wore many hats, but most of all my cowboy hat.




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