A compulation of stories and tales from ranchers committed to sustainable agriculture

Spring is a coming

You know that you are on verge of spring when you wake up at 6 am and don’t have to wait 3 hours till the sun comes up… its staring to get light now at 7 and it doesn’t get dark till close to 8 pm…. in fact tomorrow we will hit equal daylight and night…I love this time of year, the anticipation of the coming growing season, the new calves that will be born, the adventures waiting for the boys big and small… In the meantime we have been busy sorting cows into calving groups and getting herds set up for the coming grazing season, one herd is already out and enjoying the time eating last years grass , while the winter hay becomes a meal of the past. Soon we will hear the first geese, see the first beavers and not long hear the first frogs…. we have all survived another winter and spring and summer is almost here. This is what we all life for as another turn in the cycle of life begins.


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