A compulation of stories and tales from ranchers committed to sustainable agriculture

Nature Deficit Disorder – Not at Spirit View Ranch!

I love to ranch and I love what my ranch represents…. it is a way to make a living to support my family and a way for me to foster nature and biodiversity…. this we have no shortage of as we are having problems with wolves again and so far lost 2 calves this spring not including the one from last fall. That said it is still a great place to live and an even greater place for our kids to grow up. I read a very good article last week from the BBC about Nature Deficit Disorder and how it is affecting kids imagination, ability to learn an happiness… to re quote it “children say their happiness depends more on having things to do outdoors more than owning technology” http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-17495032 …. well that’s definitely case around here… our kids get non stop nature action and the only TV they get is National Geographic documentaries via YouTube and the ones that they star in…. This week we have been busy snaring Coyotes and tying to get control on the numbers so that we have no predator wrecks during calving… last night while on our Safari we came across 60 elk, 6 moose, 20 mule deer, 3 bald eagles, countless ravens and a ton of coyotes that got away… Erika and I are so proud that we can raise the kids thsi way and I know it will make a huge difference later in their lives… That’s part of the picture why supporting Heritage Angus is part of something good. deficit


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