A compulation of stories and tales from ranchers committed to sustainable agriculture

Live on Location Quality Foods; Vancouver Island

Well last week we had a blast…. a group of devote ranchers made a journey out to Vancouver Island to visit and meet the beef customers in Quality Foods stores (www.qualityfoods.com). Quality Foods has been a proud partner with Heritage Angus now for 5 years… it is awesome to have retailers like this, that help us connect our ranchers pastures to consumer plates. The staff and owners of Quality Foods were great hosts and as you can see by the pictures they were out in full ranch force helping to spread the story of how consumers can be,  “part of something good”. It was also good for all the ranchers that went to see the journey beef takes from their ranch and the people along that help us make the connection with the consumer…. A  big ranch thanks for all that helped make this possible and an even bigger thanks to the consumers and customers that support by buying Heritage Angus beef products.  Pictured below are two of our ranchers Ian Murray from Shoestring Ranch and Rebecca Heiberg from Heiberg Farms, as well as the staff from the Courtney Quality Foods Store


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