A compulation of stories and tales from ranchers committed to sustainable agriculture

Swans at Spirit View

This is the 10th spring on our ranch here in the heart of the Peace River Region. We knew when we moved north to our place on the banks of the Spirit River that we were moving to a place that was a little more bio diverse than where I grew up east of Camrose. Little did we know all the creatures that would visit or make make their home here on our ranch. To date along with Ducks Unlimited we have restored well over 150 wetlands….and all we did was hold back the water, manage the land a little different and let mother nature take her course…. sort of the field of dreams … “build it and they will come”… well it did, first the native vegetation came back and then little by little the creatures big and small started showing up. To date we have had over 150 bird species that have frequented our ranch….. the sign for us that spring is really here is when the trumpeter swans park themselves on our wetlands for a rest on their long journey north to their nesting sites in Canada’s High Arctic. Biodiversity is another reason why Heritage Angus is being part of something good!


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