A compulation of stories and tales from ranchers committed to sustainable agriculture

Taggiin Calves – Swiss Style

There is always lots to do on a ranch, however when spring hits it switches to turbo overdrive…. good thing there is lots of hours of daylight!  Our cows and heifers start calving at the end of April and then for 2 months there is a steady flow of calves being born throughout our ranch. 400 of the cows on our ranch are registered Aberdeen Angus. Many of the bull calves that are born are later in life destined to be the future herd sires of calves at other ranches. Being that the cattle are registered we need to keep track of their pedigree and so we need to verify the dam, the sires, the birth dates and the birth weights of the calves.  Every evening the crew goes on safari with our 30 year old landcrusier to check the cows and search for new calves to tag and properly identify…. this video is about how that is done and why “Heritage Angus is being part of something good.


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