A compulation of stories and tales from ranchers committed to sustainable agriculture

An Overseas October

I don’t think it matters what season it is its always busy around our place…October went by like lightning .. I was home for 2 weeks, which was pretty much all about getting ready for the next three weeks that I would be gone. Every fall I have a 2 legged hunting season… no its not in my back forty but overseas in Europe visiting and meeting with old and new perspective buyers, end users and distributors of Heritage Angus Beef. This three week trip had me going through 6 countries with stops including: Geneva, Paris, London, Copenhagen, Milan, Zurich and Frankfurt…. at the end I had a bit of city overdose, but made the most of it while the crew back home had to contend with an early winter and ton of things that were suppose to get done in a calmer and more relaxed pace but the weather screwed that up. Some people can type faster than they can talk… for me its the opposite…. so I will let he Videos speak for themselves. As well check out some of the pictures for those that love their meat.


Canada Beef Crew and the Cowboys…Martin Lemoyne was a great help with French translation



A French Butcher in Love with his Ribeyes…check out the size


Gotta each Vegetables as well


Dry aged ribeyes… the french have not figured out marbling



Jason Hagel is a top man but how about that hip…a new meaning to TOP BUTT







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