A compulation of stories and tales from ranchers committed to sustainable agriculture

November cattle trails

Well I hardly got off the plane November 4th and I was on he 1st cattle drive getting cattle home from the North pastures the next day. Erika and the crew (Dominik, Cyrell & Lara)  did a great job looking after things and for all the weather that got thrown at them things turned out well…. needless to say I got home with a nice gift from our local wolf population with 3 dead calves and 1 dead bull…. that’s 20 animals that we’ve lost in a year to predators and this winter the tables will get turned. Needless to say I bet we spent 7 days straight after I got home just moving and sorting cows on a constant basis. The weather was cold and the warmest it got was -5 degrees… perfect for the last cattle drive of the season. We even had time to smoke some cigars. Now the cattle are settled in for the winter and look forward to coming out the other side when the days get lonoger…. sun up is 9 am and its dark by 5 pm…. no excuse now not to keep up with my blogs



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